The world is spinning into moral chaos. Families are descending into abysmal calamity. Churches seem powerless to stop the rot. Revival has gone from a desire to a need. In his book, Revive Us Again, Pastor Tyler Gaulden bears his heart’s burden for revival in the church. Prayerfully and carefully written, he exposes the problems with modern-day religious efforts and lays out the Biblical prescription for true revival. Truly, we have arrived at the junction where our choices are “revival or removal.”

Obeying the Bible is the lifeline for a thriving Christian. Yet, many struggle to understand what the Bible is saying. They desire to obey the Bible, if they only understood what it is saying. This was the struggle Pastor Tyler Gaulden found with many of his church members. They desired to obey, but struggled to understand what they were reading.

In this booklet, he gives six basic rules to apply when reading the Bible so you can fully understand what you’re reading. In this concise, easy to read booklet, you will find the answer you have been looking for!

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